Worldwrights welcome here!

Writing to Right the World, the critical creative endeavor of our time

by Jennifer Browdy, PhD

Every positive change in human history has happened first in someone's imagination, and then manifested, often with a lot of hard work, in the actual world. Imagination holds the key to our future, and our intentional use of our creativity is essential.

In my 2022 book Purposeful Memoir as a Quest for a Thriving Future, I coined the term “worldwright” to describe the writer-activists who have inspired me. I believe all of us have the potential to become worldwrights!

Our collective psyche is currently overrun with dystopian images, which lead to paralyzing fear and hopelessness. It is time for writers and other creatives to counter the dystopian narrative of our future with positive possibilities that can inspire and encourage people to do the good work so desperately needed to create a livable future for all beings to come.

This Substack blog will not only search out and amplify the efforts of writers in all genres who write to right the world, it will also offer many on-ramps for readers to get involved in this individual and collective creative endeavor, the critical creative work of our time.

Writing to right the world, we inspire others to also take positive action towards expanding and manifesting our shared dream of a better world. I hope you will add your voice and vision to this most important mission of our time!

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Jennifer Browdy, 2023. Photo by Mary Klug.

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